Appreciation of excellence

Products of the Trás-os-Montes region

Respecting the knowledge passed down for generations and focuses on innovation we guarantee top quality products, Portuguese and genuinely natural provided by a unique climate that gives them the best of flavours.

Masaedo’s mission and sole purpose is adding value to the excellent products of Trás-os-Montes region. Located in Macedo de Cavaleiros is here that we want to optimize the most of the excellence of the goods produced in the region.
It was in the fourteenth century that Masaedo arises by first time in the documents as Macedo de Cavaleiros. It is likely that the fact that its grantees are riders was at the origin of this additive.
Undoubtedly the growth of the ancient settlement of Masaedo must have been huge from the beginning of the eighteenth century and the second half of the XIX century, through a simple farm to a county seat and finally to a town.
The May 13, 1999 is voted in the Portuguese National Assembly the elevation of Macedo de Cavaleiros to the city status.